On Pedder presents FOOTNOTES.
Fuelled by a desire to express ourselves and feel connected, FOOTNOTES embodies the discovery, emotion, and culture of footwear.

In this edition, we explore ETERNAL SPACE. How are we here already? Time feels so slow but moves so fast. This year so far, we’ve had no choice but to be surrounded by – and sit with – our stuff. The stuff in our homes, the stuff in our heads. For many, the spinning has stopped. The clutter now cleared. Old habits have gone, new ones have formed. Now we are ready, waiting… For more space, less stuff, a new home – a new us.

GOAL AMINA MUADDI Holli Glass sandal; NEOUS Sham pleated leather sandal

AIRLIFT JIL SANDER handlebar clutch; JIL SANDER scrunchie bracelet wallet; JIL SANDER Agnellato lace up chain loafer; JW ANDERSON chain mule

WAVE BOTTEGA VENETA chain cassette bag; BOTTEGA VENETA stretch nappa mule

Head in the Clouds

Musings From the Far Corners of a Wandering Mind


Eternal space is endless space to think, believe, dream, move, and express myself. I am an eagle soaring through the sky with the wind beneath my wings. This is the epitome of freedom. Goodbye barriers, obstacles, and fears. No more time limits hampering my creativity. No more rules restricting my every turn. No more expectations to live up to. Judgmental voices putting me down? Those are but a speck from an eternal perspective. In this space, nothing gets in my way of reaching my dreams. Nothing stops me from achieving what I want. I am free to embark on any path of my choosing and I can take my time exploring the furthest limits of that path. I can be as productive as I want or I can decide to take time for self-care or indulgence when I need. The possibilities are endless!

Free Fall

Eternal space is free fall – free falling through space with no control over where I’m headed, how fast I’m falling, or how I’m going to land. Eternal space is a scary place to be. With no speed bumps and no safety net, I could be hurtling towards danger without even knowing it. With no boundaries, I live in fear of taking a wrong turn or making a poor decision. With no rules, I am confused and directionless. In this realm of “endless possibilities”, I am instead paralyzed by the plethora of options that are available and end up succumbing to indecision and inaction. The vastness of eternal space causes me to be overwhelmed instead of inspired. Boundaries, in fact, are my form of “self-care”: they provide me with the structure I need in order to safely explore, the clarity I need in order to achieve my goals, and the sense of security I need in order to thrive. Boundaries bring true freedom.

CELINE large Voyage in Triomphe Canvas; PORTS 1961 combat boot with gold chain detail; AMINA MUADDI Begum Glass pump; AREA Stem Drop earrings; NEOUS Pluto handbag (in cream & sand); BALENCIAGA drawstring bucket bag with strap; MARYAM KEYHANI double stack hat; CHLOÉ hexagonal acetate frame sunglasses; NEOUS Lea knit stretch bootie


Rules are meant to be broken! Where would creativity and innovation be if we merely thought within the box and never pushed any boundaries? How do we unlock our potential if we don’t dream big and challenge the status quo?

Free Fall

Who am I in the realm of eternal space? If “my life is what I make it”, how would I see myself if my life doesn’t turn out the way I hoped? What would my foundation be and who would be there to ground me when I need it? In my lostness, where could I return to find my identity?

As I gaze into infinity, am I soaring to freedom, or plunging in free fall?

Dear Ah Ling,

My bf is always asking me to wear my heels whenever we head out and when I say always, I mean ALWAYS. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fancy dinner or just to the convenience store for snacks. We’ve been together for 3 years and at first, I thought this was a honeymoon period thing but it’s actually gotten worse. What should I do?. I want to keep my man happy but my feet need a break sometimes too. Help! ___Unhappy Feet

Dear Unhappy Feet,

If your man don’t love you in your Birks, he don’t deserve you in your heels!
Dump him. ___Ah Ling


Dear Ah Ling,

I’m 33 and I think I’ve finally found the love of my life. Thing is, she’s an anime character. I know it’s weird but I’ve tried dating regular women and I just can’t seem to connect with them – all I can think of is how they look or sound nothing like my anime waifu. I don’t think I’ll ever meet anyone that gets me like she does so… I’ve decided to propose to her. What do you think?
___Otaku Boy

Dear Otaku Boy,

I’m not going to even pretend to understand what a waifu is or how your relationship with her works but whatever tickles your pickle eh?
This is all I have to say – you’re a 33-year-old man, ACT LIKE IT! Love knows no bounds. If you really want her, stake your claim with a ring! I’m sure there’s a virtual Cartier or Harry Winston in her anime world.
Seal the deal boy. ___Ah Ling

Dear Ah Ling,

I just celebrated my 28th birthday last week and realised all I have to show for the past 28 years is a tiny rental apartment to call home and 4 rescue stray cats. I’m quite content being single but lately, I wonder if I’m going spend the rest of my life eating microwave dinners with my cats and end up dying alone. Should I start dating? Is it too late for me? ___Reluctant Cat Lady

Dear Reluctant Cat Lady,

It’s never too late to find love. Dating is like real estate, the longer you are on the market, the more people are going to wonder what’s wrong with you. The good thing is, you’ve not been on the market at all so this is your chance to show the world what you have to offer – you have the power of youth on your side, USE IT! So get out of your tiny apartment, have a proper dinner with another human being, and start looking for love from someone else other than your 4 cats. You don’t want to die alone and have them eat your face for sustenance, do you?
Don’t be a puss. ___Ah Ling


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