In this edition, we explore FLUORO X-RAY.

With our bodies still restricted beyond where we currently stand, we move deeper into an evaluation inside ourselves. An evaluation that requires our health and wellbeing to be monitored, for our pain and discomfort to be examined, for our insides to be laid out in fluorescent colour for all to see. Our bones feel stronger, our minds more alive. And all the tiny fractures that haven’t yet healed? Those are for letting the light shine in.


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illustration by @cosmoillustrator



Melinda Zeman

Meet Bouchier – the new-on-the-block fine jewellery label On Pedder has taken a serious shine to. The fun, adaptable, one-of-kind label is exactly what modern women want to wear now. It’s also a clear reflection of Bouchier designer Melinda Zeman’s own vibrant personality and unique heritage.

Here, we sit down with Melinda to talk about growing up in Hong Kong with a multi-cultural background, and her love for nineties R&B.

How did you come up with the name Bouchier?

“I always knew that I wanted a name that had an East meets West component to it as this really embodies who I am. Through sheer luck, I stumbled upon a man named Guillame Bouchier, a French goldsmith that travelled from Paris to the East in the 1200s, bringing Western craftsmanship and technique to the East. His story really resonated with me, especially since quality, craftsmanship and style are our core values. Hence the birth of Bouchier the brand.”

Bouchier started organically from a few designs. Can you tell us more about how that happened?

“I’ve been a jewellery enthusiast for as long as I can remember. Everywhere I travelled I would try to bring back a piece of jewellery as a memento. However, since having four children over the past few years we have travelled a lot less. I started to look for jewellery for myself in Hong Kong and found it hard to find pieces that represented who I was. Something that was fun, different, playful, and that can be worn and enjoyed every day but can also be dressed up and dressed down. So I decided to make my own. What originally started as a few pieces for myself became an entire collection.”


You have a truly unique heritage. Can you tell us a bit about that.

“I’ve been extremely lucky to grow up in Hong Kong, which is such a melting pot of different nationalities, cultures and religions. I’m Chinese, of Ghanaian descent, and also Jewish, which is really as multi-cultural as it gets! I went to an international school here in Hong Kong so I didn’t speak Chinese at school, but I only spoke Chinese at home, and I was raised by my grandmother who couldn’t speak a word of English. In hindsight, I am so grateful for that because it taught me to learn fluent Chinese.”

Where did your Jewish background come from, and what role does that play in your life?

“My husband is Jewish so I converted to Judaism when I got married, because we wanted to raise our children in a Jewish household. I didn’t have any religion before I met him, and now after marriage and children I have such a deep appreciation for it. Judaism plays a huge part in our lives because it gives it a lot of structure, which I never really appreciated the importance of before having children. For example, there are certain foods we don’t eat. It’s amazing how when you’re consistent with something with children, how they really do learn boundaries. I wish I had told them that candy wasn’t kosher because that would have been extremely convenient! I think the Jewish and Chinese communities share a major similarity of placing importance on family. For Chinese families, there’s a whole week at Chinese New Year dedicated to visiting your extended relatives. For Judaism, we do a Shabbat dinner on Friday night – a tradition that has been passed down for centuries. Without fail, no matter what happens, the family is together on a Friday night for dinner. Traditions like that have become important to me.”

Your lookbook features lyrics from R&B and pop stars from the nineties and early noughties. How has that inspired your designs?

“I grew up during the golden age of MTV in the nineties with bold colours, head to toe in loud matching fabrics, lots of bling, lots of gold, and chain necklaces for days. The opposite of minimalism in many ways. As a result, we love adding colour wherever we can as you can see in our signature enamel pieces. I believe many people also look back on the halcyon days of that era.”

Who were your favourite icons from that time?

“My favourites were Destiny Child, TLC, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, and J-Lo. They were all really trailblazing in so many ways – a representation of freedom, a celebration of the female body, and – for those times – pushing the boundaries with fashion during a time that provocative outfits weren’t the norm. I still make my kids listen to TLC!”

Finally, what comes to mind when you think of On Pedder?

“I think of On Pedder as being at the forefront of fashion. It’s always ahead of the curve, and it’s always where people discover trends before anyone else knows about them!”


Discover Bouchier at On Pedder, New World Tower,
from March 8 to April 15, 2021.


Find out if 2021 will present new opportunities, or if it’s time to quit and start a wellness cult

Words by Emily Bernstein

It’s your year to shine, patient Ox. Kiss the mute button goodbye in 2021; become the main character of your own life by pinning your Zoom camera to only show your face on every meeting. Your emotional intensity makes you a natural leader. Be a trailblazer this year by introducing a bold new initiative at work. If you get fired, you could always try starting a wellness cult. You’re the life of the party, Rabbit, but don’t forget to pack self-care into your social calendar. This is the year of ‘me-time’. Luxuriate, meditate, and stop answering texts unless they’re compliments.
The fearless Dragon finds love in all the right places. Prepare yourself for an unexpected romance in 2021, and remember that after a year of wearing masks, everyone is going to be inexplicably hot. Your intelligence is a gift, charming Snake, so don’t disparage that gift by pouring all of your energy into a lover who doesn’t buy you gifts. Just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean you have to reinvent yourself. Try recycling! Bring back parachute pants, chunky highlights, or an ex you swore to never speak to again.
Peaceful Goat, this year is all about balance. Match your tranquility with strength, your passion with reason, and your nightly tub of ice cream with the occasional kale salad. You have an exciting year ahead, energetic Monkey. It’s time to break out of your comfort zone… burn your sweatpants and start wearing all of your formalwear to the grocery store. Your hard work will pay off Rooster, but this year is all about the journey. Your destination is merely a state of mind, but watch out for mental road rage along the way.
Patience, Dog…your mind is a powerful muscle that just needs to be trained. Pick up a new hobby this year such as crocheting, yoga, or leaving cryptic comments under celebrity photos. It’s time for spring cleaning! Set yourself up for success this year by taking out the trash. Let go of toxic relationships, stop eating dairy, and unfollow influencers who are always on vacation. The past year has left you hungry for adventure and it’s time to leave the proverbial nest. Make a bold choice and don’t look back, Rat. Launch your business, kiss your crush, and delete your 3,256 unread emails.

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