November 12, 2020



Lovers of pure, hedonistic fashion probably know Maryam Keyhani as “the hat lady” – a maker of beautiful, larger-than-life creations that add theatrics to the mundane of everyday life. (A run to the grocery store in a towering scalloped headpiece? Yes, please.) And like many avant-garde fashion designers, Keyhani’s roots seep deeply into the art world. A sculptor and painter before turning her hand to millinery (she dabbles in jewellery and clothes design, too), Keyhani’s skills extend to handcrafting fabric dolls and brushing strokes on canvases. Both are endeavours which beautifully reflect a DNA unique to Keyhani – one which is rooted in whimsy make-believe and pays ode to the grandeur of
Eighteenth-century Europe.

keyhani hats and headpiece

The handcrafted dolls are modelled after Maryam’s own extravagant outfits – “play clothes” – which she designs herself. Think miniature parachute dresses, ruffled necklaces, billowing skirts, and empire waist gowns fitted with exaggerated sleeves. Of course, these puffy looks are topped with cherries: miniature versions of Keyhani’s fantastical hats, including Head in the Clouds and Pink Soufflé.


Created exclusively for On Pedder Hong Kong, Keyhani’s paintings offer just as much to want. With a strong focus on abstract female figures, each of Keyhani’s artworks use whirling strokes and rich layers of buttery acrylic paint that sits up decadently on canvases in joy-inducing colour combinations – cue salmon, sangria, butterscotch, cornflower. So far every painting that has been posted on the designer’s Instagram feed has been snapped up, so with just 8 available exclusively at On Pedder – they are expected to find homes quickly. (1)

Discover the Maryam Keyhani collection at On Pedder.

Hats and headpieces available at all stores.

Handmade dolls available in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai.

Exclusive paintings available only at On Pedder, New World Tower, Hong Kong.


Read the exclusive interview with Maryam Keyhani in FOOTNOTES 3 : Memento.

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