June 5, 2019

This Fall Winter 2019, On Pedder creates a global exclusive leather version of the iconic Hunting Season Round Trunk handbag.  Marking the occasion, we learn more about the incredibly stylish and sophisticated Colombian designer, Danielle Corona.

By: Bridget Barnett

On Pedder x Hunting Season

What Instagram accounts are your current favourites?

“I am crazy about @simplicitycity, and a new photographer @kaytenschmidt, who’s feminine angles and romantic lighting I love!”

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 10.38.19 AM - Copy

Where do you go for the best breakfast in the world?

“Our house in Cartagena − a beautiful city on the Caribbean coast − does the best traditional Colombian breakfast “Arepa con Huevo.”

Any summer travel plans on the cards?

My family and I will rent a house in Tuscany, and we’ll go for long walks in nature, and enjoy great food and wine.  From there, I will take an hour’s car ride to Florence, where I can meet with a few of my providers for Hunting Season.”

Danielle Corona

What was your last purchase?

“An Antique Morrocan rug made of straw, with leather weaving throughout. It is now in my home office where I can enjoy it everyday.”

What TV show are you watching?

“Game of Thrones, of course!”

Game of Thrones

You didn’t study fashion. If you weren’t a designer, what other career would you have pursued?

“I cannot imagine my life without Hunting Season! I am completely obsessed with the brand and really live and breathe it. If it didn’t exist I would want to do something that would bring me closer to nature. For me this is the ultimate luxury.”

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What is in your handbag?

“Wallet with ID, cash and cards, along with a cosmetic bag with a mirror, mascara, blush and lip gloss. I always have a pencil and a small note pad to write down ideas I might have throughout the day, and something sweet, like a piece of dark chocolate. I also have sunglasses, and of course my phone and charger. There is also always a couple of superheroes or Lego pieces to entertain my kids.”

How do you think will technology impact your design process, or business, in the coming years?

“There are a few aspects here. Firstly, how our customers will learn about the brand − technology gives us the opportunity to communicate directly with our customers, and to share our story. Secondly, how our customers will buy the product, as online shopping continues to grow rapidly. Thirdly, design. I know how important it can be to have your phone or laptop with you all day and because of this I am constantly adjusting my designs and adding styles that can help you carry your tech pieces all day in a way that is convenient, comfortable and beautiful.”

Any recent discoveries?


Any tips on balancing motherhood with a busy career?

“Time management is key. It’s also about being disciplined enough to put away your phone when you are with your children − this is especially difficult for me − but it’s about quality time.”

Hunting Season

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