April 25, 2019

We sat down with our girl, Judy Yau, Head Buyer at On Pedder, for the latest and greatest insights into her world.

Meet Judy, and preview the best of Fall 2019 footwear and accessories collections from our favourite designers. 

Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Singapore | May 3 | 2pm – 6pm

New World Tower, Hong Kong | May 9 – 10 | 2pm – 6pm

By: Bridget Barnett

Judy Yau

1. Describe your job in three words.

“Products, people, passion.”

2. What are your latest obsessions?

“For fashion, it’s Alan Crocetti ear cuffs, Y/Project accordian bag, and The Row mesh ballerinas from the Fall Winter 2019 runway. Oh, and hair clips, hair bands and anything to do with hair!

I recently also discovered Clean Beauty Make-up by Westman Atelier, and I love it!”


3. Favourite and least favourite parts of your job?

“My favourite part is when I get to collaborate with brands to create and curate new products and capsules for our customers. The most difficult part is the jet lag!”

4. So, how do you cope with jet lag?

“So many people have suggested melatonin, but it doesn’t work for me so I am still searching for a way to cope with it. Let me know if you have any tips!”

5. What are your tips for surviving a jam-packed fashion week?

“We walk all day from 9am to 9pm, so putting gel insoles inside my shoes is a must. Also, lots of face masks – on the flight I always slap on a Dr. Jart Wrinkless Solution face mask. Post-flight, or on “SOS” days, I’ll either apply a really thick layer of Valmont mask or REN Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask and leave it on overnight.”

Judy Yau_face mask

6. If you have time off during fashion week, what do you always try to fit in?

“Sometimes I’d rather skip lunch and go to the Dries Van Noten boutique on Quai Malaquais – they always have some exclusive items that are handpicked by the Dries team. Then, when the day is over, I’ll try to squeeze in dinners with my friends who are based in whichever city I’m in. Restaurant-wise, my recent favourite in Paris is Semilla – no fuss and great flavours, and as for Milan, I’ll go anywhere with good Aperitivo.”

Judy Yau_Semilla

7. What do you never leave for the airport without?

“Aside from the obvious ID card, passport and cash, I never leave home without my Pat McGrath Matte Trance Lipstick Colour 1995.”

Pat mcgrath lipstick shade

8. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

“I lost count after 200… I’m moving soon, and in the midst of organising my shoe closet.”


9. If you could sit next to anyone on a flight, who would it be?

“Dries Van Noten! So I can finally get his thoughts on whether he has any plans to start a Dries Van Noten Home collection! Just imagine all the beautiful Dries prints on your bedding, sofa cover and cushions…”

10. What is currently on your playlist?

“Ed Sheeran. I still can’t believe his concert in Hong Kong was canceled again (to no fault of his)!”

Discover the Fall Winter 2019 global exclusive capsule collections from our favourite footwear designers, and preview futuristic jewellery from Alan Crocetti.  Limited-time shopping benefit on all pre-orders.

Singapore | May 3 – 5

Hong Kong | May 9 – 19

Shanghai | May 16 – 19


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