January 21, 2019

Be First to View and Pre-order the Season’s Most Anticipated and Opulent Heels from Midnight 00

January 23 – 30 | New World Tower, Hong Kong

February 3 – 10 | Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Singapore

By Bridget Barnett

The name Ada Kokosar may not sound familiar just yet, but there is a good chance you will recognise her from street style photos.  An original muse of the likes of Tommy Ton and The Sartorialist, the effortlessly cool fashion consultant and stylist has now added another notch to her belt – designer.

Kokosar is the mastermind behind the industry’s new favourite, Midnight 00.  The label debuts this season and offers unapologetically feminine Marie Antoinette and Cinderella-inspired footwear.  To celebrate it’s first foray into On Pedder – kicking off with a special pre-order of its signature PVC ruffled creations encasing the foot in a decadent, statement cocoon – we put Kokosar in the firing line of 10 probing questions.

Ada Kokosar

1.     What are you listening to at the moment? 

“Bjork. I just returned from a trip to Africa and Bjork’s music makes me still feel the connection with nature that I felt so much when I was there…” 

2.    What topic of conversation do you get passionate about? 

“Spirituality and cosmology. I look up the moon and stars and keep wondering…” 

3.    What is the one thing no one knows about you? 

“I believe in leprechauns!” 


“I wanted to take the most iconic and utopian shoe of all times – Cinderella’s glass slipper… the PVC makes the shoe last for a very long time; it doesn’t get dirty nor damaged, so it’s very functional.”

-Ada Kokosar, Midnight 00

4.    What is your secret to surviving fashion week? 

“Remembering that once it is over I will be on vacation! I always take a week off right after it finishes to recover. It’s very much needed. This time I will fly to Ibiza directly from Paris fashion week.” 


5.   What language would you like to learn the most? 

“Chinese. I find it so chic and fascinating and I’m sure very open-minded.”

6.    What was the last thing you watched on Netflix? 

“Black Mirror.”


7.    Do you think social media’s impact on fashion is here to stay? 

“Yes I do – I see it not as a trend but a new way to communicate and connect.”

8.  Which magazines, websites, or social media accounts do you look to for inspiration most regularly?  

“Business of Fashion to be up-to-date on the business level and System Magazine for social media. There is no one else really in particular but I think the daily scrolling helps me gather some information and inspiration, like pieces of a puzzle.”

bof     system magazine cover 1

9.   What is on your calendar today? 

“I just finished a long meeting with all the production team of Midnight 00 to check the new samples for Autumn Winter 2019 and I’m still on a high. The new collection looks beyond.”

10.    What is the best gift you have ever received? 


midnight 00_2

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From January 23, receive a set of #beyondesire red packets upon any new arrivals purchase, while supplies last.


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