December 17, 2018


By: Bridget Barnett

Armed with an education in brand management and a keen interest in fashion and architecture, Edison Huan launched eyewear label The Owner in Ningbo, China four years ago.  Since its inception, the brand has steadily been gaining cult-buy steam thanks to Huan’s strikingly sculptural design aesthetic.  While fans are on the uptick, the brand’s origins and inspirations have remained relatively anonymous.

Here, On Pedder sits down with Huan to give you some exclusive insight.

Edison Huang_the owner

What is the source of your design inspiration?

“I draw inspiration from elements of architecture, including the joints of different materials, the transitional space, and the relations between spaces and human figures.  I adapt these architectural methods to product design to give our eyewear designs more structural dimension, in the hopes of creating magical effects.”

 You have created the On Pedder global exclusive capsule, Pearl Edition.  Tell us more.

On Pedder x The Owner 4a

On Pedder x The Owner 2  On Pedder x The Owner 3  On Pedder x The Owner 1

“A Mobius strip is an architectural concept (in which a surface only has one side and one edge) that we apply to some of our eyewear designs.  We’ve created Mobius-inspired collections for two years and it’s become our signature style.  Exclusively for On Pedder, The Pearl Collection transforms this concept into a round-shaped frame with real pearls on the side.  The result is structural, geometrical eyewear with a feminine and elegant edge.”

Who is your design muse?


 My muse is Frank Gehry.  I appreciate his architectural philosophy and building forms.  The fluent curves and interactive volumes of his designs are fascinating and inspiring.  I’m always wondering how to adapt these ideas to the form of eyewear.”

What do you hope to achieve with The Owner?

the owner

   “The name THE OWNER stands for “you are the owner of yourself”. We want to encourage people to know how to define themselves, and not just follow the pack. Today, we may be a small brand from China but we believe that our design is unique and original, and we hope to change behavioural habits when it comes to wearing sunglasses, and encourage people to embrace eyewear in a more stylish way.”

What is your design motto?


“Danish architect Bjarke Ingels raised the idea that “more is more, less is dull”. It makes for an interesting rebuttal to Mies Van der Rohe’s classic philosophy “less is more”. I’d like to make Ingels’ design motto mine as well.”

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