September 18, 2018


Images are ubiquitous but also more ambiguous than ever before.  And they are only going to keep evolving.


Playing with large sheets of printed fabrics peppered across Hong Kong’s rooftops, streets and skies, the On Pedder Autumn Winter 2018 campaign blurs the lines between art and fashion.

In contrast to big, glossy billboards, the concept features billowing fabrics that resemble discarded advertisements, often used to protect street stalls or washing.  An advertisement’s once smiling face become distorted – shifting from conveying a message to serving a different function.

Fabric, presented in video and still imagery is directed by photographer-artist Luke Casey, and features the poem A Rouched Mirage by Ming Lin.


by Ming Lin

Riding on pixels besotted with ambient waves, I animated

one shape curved, another steadfast

only on a drone afternoon.

I felt the sweat of time, and heard the sartor’s song

it shined away and left me, a rouched mirage

I disappeared

then reappeared

and became just an image.

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